Who We Are



The mission of this congregation is the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus the Christ through all areas of its life and work, witnessing at all times to the grace of God in Jesus Christ, thereby seeking in all persons a response in faith and commitment to God. We invite you to join us in this mission and to share in our joy and love of Jesus Christ.




Our beliefs are simple: Jesus Christ is Lord, we are his servants, and we strive to live out Christ's teachings and example in all we do.

The Lord's Supper or communion is celebrated weekly in worship. It is revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, through the use of a visible sign of God's gracious initiative and the human individual's response to faith. With other Christians we affirm that baptism is at once a divine gift and a human response.

FCC is congregationally governed, with an elected board, elders, and deacons who serve worship and pastoral care functions, as well as professional and volunteer staff who administer the work of the church.

We are in a covenantal relationship with The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), manifested in regional and general ministries of mutual support and mission work.