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First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, San Marcos!

THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO DONATE, SERVE AND GIVE! Giving is a very important expression of worship. Whether you donate your time, serve by using your talents, or give using monetary funds, we appreciate the generous way you support God's work and we are committed to being faithful stewards of God's resources. Thank you for thinking of us. We are available for discussing ways for you to serve and use the talents God has given you. We are also grateful to be able to accept monetary funds during every worship service, by mail, and also offer the convenience of online donations.

Giving of your time and talent:  Service to the Lord has many forms. If you would like to give of your time and/or have special skills that you wish to donate to First Christian Church, DOC, San Marcos, please contact our church office at 512-396-1926. We have all types of needs. If you feel you are able to help us out once and a while or if you would like to join one of our working teams, we always welcome your gift of service and talent.

Giving of cash: If you would like to give cash to First Christian Church, DOC, San Marcos, we accept cash during every worship service and in the church office during regular office hours. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH! When giving cash, please be sure to include the donor name and address for proper record keeping. Please also indicate if you have a specific purpose for your offering. All undesignated gifts will be applied to First Christian Church, DOC San Marcos, and used for the operation of the church.

Giving by Check or Money Order: When giving by check or money order, please make it out to First Christian Church, DOC. If you wish to designate a specific purpose for your offering, then please include that on the notation line. All undesignated gifts will be applied to First Christian Church, DOC, San Marcos, and used for the operation of the church. Please make sure all donor information  is correct as listed for proper credit of the donation. We also accept checks and money orders by mail. If you would prefer to mail your donation, please mail to:

TREASURER, First Christian Church, DOC, 3105 Ranch Road 12, San Marcos, Texas 78666.

Giving by Credit Card or Debit Card: Credit Cards and Debit Cards are accepted online. With online giving, you can choose give to First Christian Church DOC, San Marcos with recurring and/or one-time gifts. We use Pay Pal for this type of giving. Proper record keeping relies on the information that you provide. To be sure that you get proper credit and that we apply your generous gift to your wishes, please note the following:

  • All online donations are confidential. Your credit or debit card information is only collected by PayPal and is NOT shared with the church. Only your name will be sent to the church account along with your payment. The church Bookkeeper and Treasurer are the only ones who will have access to the amount you have given online.
  • Be sure to include all specifics for "other" donations in the comments section. Undesignated "other" funds will be used for the operation needs of First Christian Church, DOC, San Marcos.
  • Please be sure to note any address or specific instructions you want to tell the Treasurer in the comments section.
  • One time payments DO NOT need a PayPal account, simply fill in the area below and click on the proceed to payment button.
  • For recurring weekly or monthly donations, fill in the area below and click on the proceed to payment button, however, please note that you must set up a PayPal account.




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