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Youth Ministries
Shawn Colson

Thank you for showing interest in the youth activities of FCC San Marcos. We are called to be the hands & feet of Christ, so we focus on serving others in our community. We try to have a youth activity once a month. Check out the youth calendar for upcoming activities.

The Chi-Rho Program is a fellowship group for youth in 6th-8th grades.

The CYF (Christian Youth Fellowship) program is a fellowship group for youth in 9th-12th grades.

Both groups have classes on Sundays at 9:00 AM.

Our youth have the opportunity to attend camp 2 to 3 times a year at Disciple Oaks Camp & Retreat Center (aka "Gonzo") in Gonzales, TX. At camp they will experience a lot of fun, team building activities, large group games, keynote speakers, small group discussions & Worship. Camp dates this year are:

                                              CYF Spring Rally - 3/3-3/5

                                              CYF Conference - 6/11-6/17

                                                                                                                               Chi Rho summer -  6/25-7/1

At FCC we believe in equipping our youth to be leaders. We offer them an opportunity to become a YMT where they represent our church on the Youth Ministry Team. They attend a week-long leadership seminar in the summer where they attend workshops to equip them with the skills needed to lead the 3 CYF camps. They help plan each camp, perform different tasks at each camp & lead small group discussions during camp. One senior is chosen from the council each year to represent our Area in the Region. For more details please talk to one of the youth sponsors.

This summer our CYF youth will be travelling to Lexington, KY for the Disciple Summer Mission trip. The trip will be June 24-30, 2018. For information click this link: DSM