Sep 4
September 26, 2020, 9:41 AM
September 4, 2020
First Christian Church of San Marcos
exists to lead people into a growing relationship
with Jesus Christ!
Join us this Sunday on FACEBOOK
look for the red "live" button.
Or on our website @
Sermon title
"What Jesus said about . . . Love your enemies - Part 2."
at 10:30 am
Music will begin @10:15.
See you Sunday!
Jesus “works” on a Sabbath
"Jesus’ friend Luke describes the works of divine healing that Jesus performed on a sabbath day, to show from the outset that the new creation began where the old creation ceased. Luke shows us that the Son of God is not under the law but above the law, and that the law will not be destroyed but fulfilled (Matthew 5:17). For the world was not made through the law but by Jesus the Christ, the Living Word, a full partner in the Holy Trinity and co-creator. As we read: 'By the Word of the Lord were the heavens established' (Psalm 33:6). Through Jesus the law is not destroyed but fulfilled, so that the renewal of humankind, already in error, may occur. The Apostle Paul says, 'Stripping yourselves of the old person, put on the new, who was created according to Christ' (Colossians 3:9-10, Ephesians 4:22,24). Jesus fittingly began his miracles of healing on the sabbath, that he may show himself as Creator. He completed the work that he had already begun by weaving together works with works.”
~ Ambrose of Milan, 339-397 A.D.
(originally written in Old Latin – updated in English)
The Church is not Closed.
Only the building is closed except for pastoral, program, 
music, and office staff members who try not to be in at the same time and a light cleaning crew 
that comes in once a week instead of twice a week.
We are the church outside the building
loving and serving God by loving and serving others.
This Sunday Gregory will wrap up our
Community Focus Series
reminding us of how vital FCC's
support is to each of these services is in our community.
The Youth will meet
NEXT Wednesday, Sept. 9
in person, on the deck at FCC
5:30 - 6:30
(eat before coming or bring your own food)
A unique opportunity provided by
NorthPoint Community Church
An online conference for
parents in every stage
As parents, every stage of your child’s life
brings new discoveries.
This unique season provides uncharted terrain as well. 
We know parenting is tough.
We know you want to get it right, and we want to help. 
That's why we're providing our first Parent Summit with practical content to help you understand your child’s stage and equip you to parent better during this season.
The best part is that you can access this content anywhere and anytime between August 28 and October 2 for free! 
Register Now.
Coming Soon!
In-Person Communion Service
With our Musicians
Sunday, September 20 - 6:30 pm
Drive Through the Portico and then Mask-up and Social Distance on the Parking Lot If you wish.
(Bring your own lawn chair)
Save the date and more info will be coming soon!
 If this service meets with a good response
and if we all behave, 
the next service is planned for October 18.
This week at First Christian
Adult Bible Study - Linda Vetters @9:30 am Sunday on Zoom
Sunday Worship @ 10:30 am on Facebook or @
Pastor on the Porch - Friday @ 10:00 am
Informal meeting with Pastor Gregory Ross on zoom
How Can We Pray for You?
If you wish Prayer for any reason send your request to
place "Prayer Request" in the subject line -
our staff & team will pray for you.
Please pray for these.
Family of Mildred Scott; Kerry Groh-Brown; Nikki Quinn;
Amber Munn; Mary Skidmore; Tracy Wilson; Olga Gerhart;
Maren Kay Milam; Charles Cobb; Kathy Kunchick; SMPD;
Vicki Roberts; David Voight; Dawn Jester; Susan Pruett;
Carolyn Scott; Jackie Cable; Judy Deforest; Bert Cobb; Kathy Smith; Dorothy McLendon; Jean English; Honey Cuellar; Mary Tijerina; Dawn Shank; David Warren; Coy Rowdon;
Ellen & Manfred Kremkus; Richard McDaniel;
Robert Volk; Melissa and Brett; Martinez extended family;
Patrick McGuire; Judy Ritchie; Judy Joray; David Druham;
FCC Directory IS Available
under the MEMBER TAB @
If you are interested in a printed copy of the updated directory, leave a voice mail message at 512-396-1926 and one will be mailed to you.
September Birthdays
Deann French • September 1
Marti Poth • September 1
Cory Valenzuela • September 1
Tommy Yada • September 2
Sara Trammell • September 4
Isabella Martinez • September 4
Dason Shuler • September 5
Beth Judkins-Mickolas • September 6
Divyan Grub • September 7
Kyle Stapp • September 8
Michele Kinsey • September 8
Louise Mullins • September 9
Micah Martinez • September 10
Mackenzie Kincaid • September 10
Brady Trammell • September 10
Aidyn Herrera • September 11
Randy Ayers • September 14
Bill Damron • September 16
Sergio Herrera • September 20
Pearl Grubb • September 20
Leta Altom • September 21
Sarah Barrett • September 24
Tara Miles • September 28
Disciples Men's Retreat
Have you SAVED THE DATE?   
September 19th, 9:00am
Disciples Men of the Southwest Region
Keynote Address from Rev. Don Wilson
Hays County Food Bank
September is Hunger Action Month,
Check out the calendar to help keep you motivated to take action in different ways all month long.
$5 can provide 20 meals.
50 pounds of food can supply one family in need
with meals for a week.
A team of 10 volunteers can provide 100 families
with food at one of our distributions.
Every action makes a difference.
Send checks to FCC marked "Food Bank"
or mail checks directly to the Food Bank
220 Herndon St. • San Marcos, TX 78666
OR go to their website at