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July 3, 2014, 3:00 PM

Mission Trip Youth Blogs

Lilly's blog

Today was the first full day of our mission trip in Oklahoma. We all woke up this morning grateful for having actual beds this year. The sunrise was beautiful and the sunset was even better, but what we did between those two was what counted the most. Cleaning, chipping, and painting walls of houses is tedious and taxing work, especially when it's not for your own benefit. But today /was/ for our own benefit. We got the satisfaction of knowing that we helped someone in a way that they couldn't help themselves. Mission trips always bring my thoughts back to the movie Pay It Forward. The concept is: someone helps three people do something that they can't do on their own and those three people each help three other people and so on. Even little acts of kindness, when built up, make a difference.


Derek's blog

Today we spent the day meeting the owners of the house, and experienced our first portion of helping for the week. It was a great day, full of hard work and blessings from God! Can't wait for the rest of the week with this amazing group of youth and adults.


Desiree's blog

We learned a new message to chip away (sad angry feelings like the past) & paint a new coat of paint. like your new attitude. like how u look at the world or yourself. To start over with a new attitude.


Traci's blog

This years mission has taught me the value of togetherness. Our group scraped and painted our assigned house in two days and has now started working on another house with a church from Abilene because we became a team and worked together. I love meeting new people and bonding with the other youth in our group as well as others.

Every night we have a small worship ceremony where we learn the different steps in letting things go and moving on from your past. We are taught how that relates to what we are doing here. The first night we learned you have to scrap off all the stuff that is holding you back and leave the chips behind. Tonight they explained to us how important it is to start painting yourself with a new fresh coat and that with Gods help that is always possible. I can't wait to see what the rest of this trip has to offer for me. Soon our houses will be pretty and brand new as well a our attitudes, mind sets, and the fire burning inside of us to serve The Lord.

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