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December 27, 2016, 3:21 PM

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

November is our nation’s month of Thanksgiving. Traditionally, we pause to remember and appreciate all the ways that we have been blessed. Thanksgiving is the appropriate attitude of Christians who recognize that we are children of God who are loved, provided for, and protected by our loving and forgiving heavenly Father. This year November happens to be the occasion of our presidential and other elections. While this has been a contentious and bizarre election campaign, we should be thankful for the freedoms and choices we have that are not available to most people in the world today. None of our blessings should be taken for granted as though we deserved them and as though they are inevitable. History shows that not to be the case.

So, let us be thankful:

For friends, past and present.

For family and encouragement and support.

For security and protection and the rule of law.

For our military and police and fire and EMS service people.

For free public education for our children.

For our church and fellow Christians.

For our jobs and homes and the ability to survive and thrive in our society.

For our dignity as human beings and children of God.

For our heroes and mentors and the special people in our lives who give us hope.

For our calling to salt of the earth and light of the world which is our mission and purpose.

For our faith which enables us to overcome temptations and trials and remain joyful.

For our very life and all our experiences, the bad and the good, which have made us who we are.

For Jesus, who died for us while we were yet sinners, who taught us how to live and how to die.

For love, wherever we have experienced it, both being loved and being able to love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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