Oct 9
October 9, 2020, 5:27 PM
October 9, 2020
First Christian Church of San Marcos
exists to lead people into a growing relationship
with Jesus Christ!
The Sermon this week
Two Big Questions for Times Like These!
Join us this Sunday on FACEBOOK
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Or any time on our website @ fcc-sm.org
10:30 am
Music will begin @10:25 (new time)
See you Sunday!
Plan now to attend our second drive-thru
communion service
OCTOBER 18 @ 6:00pm!
LifeWay Research study shows that a higher percentage of church attenders in the U.S. say they use Facebook and YouTube each day than read the Bible. But while social media, entertainment, and noble causes can be used to further the cause of Christ, they aren’t substitutes for the presence of Christ in your life. Read the Gospel of John starting with John 3:16 and then to the end. Then read the book of Philippians, the book of James, the book of Romans, the book of Proverbs, then read the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. That’s a worthy goal between now and Jan 1 ’21.
The following is edited from an article by Aaron E. Carroll, MD, dated October 2, 2020
“The most testing, the most advanced technology, and the best health care are simply not sufficient when it comes to this disease. What’s necessary are simple public health measures, like distancing, masking, washing hands and spending as little time as possible close together indoors in the same room.
The key to slowing down the spread of coronavirus infections is to have few, if any, close contacts. There’s just no getting around it.
Many leaders [Ed., including church leaders] have argued that things are heading in the right direction, and that it’s perfectly fine to loosen restrictions. Politicians are meeting with large groups of people, indoors, with no masks and no respect for social distancing. Bars are opening. People gather for weddings and other occasions, acting as if there is no risk, the danger has passed, and everything is going to be OK. They should seriously reconsider.
This is a disease where prevention matters most, and that’s where we need to sink our resources. It’s also what leaders need to promote, not ignore or debase.
It’s unsafe to hold crowded events. It’s unsafe to mingle, to hang out close together, and to gather in person when you could do so remotely. And this will still be the case for some time, even if we manage to scale up our testing regime significantly.”
Aaron E. Carroll is a professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine. Carroll received his B.A. in chemistry from Amherst College in 1994 and his M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1998. After receiving his M.D., he completed his internship and residency in pediatrics at the University of Washington, where he received his
M.S. in health services research in 2003.
The Youth will meet
Wednesday, October 14
in-person @ 6:00
See ya soon!
This week at First Christian
Adult Bible Study - Linda Vetters @9:30 am Sunday on Zoom
Sunday Worship @ 10:30 am on Facebook or @ fcc-sm.org
Pastor on the Porch - Friday @ 10:00 am
Informal meeting with Pastor Gregory Ross on zoom
How Can We Pray for You?
If you wish Prayer for any reason send your request to
place "Prayer Request" in the subject line -
our staff & team will pray for you.
Please pray for these . . . Daily!
All of our kids (age 0 - 5th grade) as they struggle to find a new normal in school. For our youth (grade 6 - 12 +) as they deal with their anxieties about what the future holds for them. For our parents as they try to hold things together for their kids, their work and the health and safety for them all. For FCC, the Board and Staff for tough decisions that are being considered and made. For all of those in our community who are in great need and are being impacted in
ways we can't comprehend by this pandemic.
Also for these with special health needs
and those experiencing grief:
Rebecca Chapmon; Tracy Wilson; Maren Kay Milam and family; Charles Cobb; Kathy Kunchick; SMPD; Vicki Roberts;
Haley Karlik; Tony Rash; David Voight; Dawn Jester;
Susan Pruett; Jackie Cable; Judy Deforest; Kathy Smith;
Dorothy McLendon; Jean English; Honey Cuellar;
Mary Tijerina; Dawn Shank; David Warren;
Richard McDaniel;Ellen & Manfred Kremkus;
Melissa & Brett; Martinez extended family;
Patrick McGuire; Judy Ritchie; David Druham; Robert Longest;
HOME Center of Central TX; Western Illinois Univ;
Your October Packet is in the mail!
Be looking in your mailbox for
the packet that has some fun and
interesting things in it. Also mark your calendar
for Sunday Evening October 18 our second drive-thru
communion is going to be a family affair!
We look forward to seeing you at 6pm
For a GREAT series on PARENTING
check out
Watch the first session from October 4
"Parenting in the 21st Century"
An Opportunity to Help our Community.
HOME Center of Central Texas 
Please check out their Facebook site to
learn more about their activities.
A collection point has been set up at FCC outside the office
door for some of these items. You can also give items by going to their Facebook page and going to their Amazon wish list of items and ordering items from there. They have three or four different packs they give to the homeless and also could use help getting these packages together in gallon storage bags.
Some of the items needed are:
Water • Gatorade
Orange juice (small) • insect repellent
socks for men & women - above the ankle type
canned fruit • Crackers
Crackers & Tuna & Similar items.
protein bars • trail mix
tuna packs or other easy open canned foods
(for those occasionally put up in motels.)
disposable masks • hand sanitizer
Travel size toothpaste • shampoo • conditioner, soap
Gallon storage bags
Thanks to any of you who can donate items.
The homeless really are thankful to get any of these items.
Hays County Food Bank
$5 can provide 20 meals.
Every action makes a difference.
Send checks to FCC marked "Food Bank"
or mail checks directly to the Food Bank
220 Herndon St. • San Marcos, TX 78666
OR go to their website at www.haysfoodbank.org