Nov 1
November 1, 2019, 1:40 PM
November 1, 2019
Daylight Savings • Set Your Clocks Back!
Daylight savings time ends on Sunday November 3.
Set your clocks back on the night of November 2.
!!!!!!!!!! MALE CALL !!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow - - - Saturday, November 2
Everyone is welcome - Breakfast 8:15
Congregational Vote
The First Christian Church proposed budget & 
new Elder / Deacon nominations for 2020 
are on line & in the foyer.
We will have a congregational vote on
Sunday, November 10.
If you have any Questions, please contact Marla Johnson,
finance chair, or Paul Sutphen, board chair.
Thanks for your Participation
Peace & Joy with Christ
(Isn't this early for our potluck?? Yes, because we are starting a video series the following week. We think this will be good!!)
After the 10:30 Celebration
What will you bring?
Please Sign up during
´╗┐Fellowship time this Sunday!
Our Children’s Ministry Project for November will be winter Lazarus bags. All of our summer bags have been used and as winter approaches, the needs change for those who live on the street. To meet those needs, we could use your help with the following:
Stocking hats
Protein bars
Toothbrushes & toothpaste (small size)
Combs or small brushes
Deodorant (small size)
(Water bottles have already been supplied.) 
Thank you for your help!
November Birthdays
Kay Quinton • November 2
Abril Flores • November 7
Wayman MullinsNovember 10
Lizzy Gomez • November
Ben TureaudNovember 13
Rebecca ChapmonNovember 16
Robert UpdegroveNovember 17
Mark KremkusNovember 18
Karen StoneNovember 22
Gayle MorrisNovember 23
Sandra BraunNovember 25
Gene FraleyNovember 26
Alice BallardNovember 27
Lois LaCossNovember 29
Dawn JesterNovember 30
November Anniversaries
Sue & Larry Diegelman Nov 4
Carl & Ronel AdkinsNov 9
Jay & Deborah WessonNov 28