May 3, 2019
May 3, 2019, 12:00 AM


How does a church

make young people

such a big priority without

excluding other groups?


Prioritizing young people and their families does not mean that a congregation ignores senior adults and their relational and spiritual concerns. But sometimes it does mean tough choices about resource allocation. Based on stories from churches growing young, when big decisions are made about dedicating more funding, staff, or space to young people, these changes are made by multiple generations who share a common commitment to teenagers and emerging adults.


We asked one group of high school students in a 150-year-old congregation why the senior adults care about them so much that they are willing to make changes to welcome them. They replied, “The older people see that we want to be here, so they want us to be here.” Here and in other congregations, we saw a mutual respect and mutual need that permeated conversations with young and old alike. Adults weren’t forced to focus on young people; they chose to do so.Growing Young, P. 216


Male Call

Saturday May 4

Breakfast begins @8:00

All men welcome - ages 2 months to 101!!

See you tomorrow!


May Birthdays

Marshall Breedlove - May 3

Vivi Richey - May 4

Ben Haverda - May 4

Bonnie Warren - May 6

Sandra Ellison - May 11

Karen McGowan - May 11

Chaney Turney - May 12

Beth Elam - May 14

Mary Warren - May 17

Greg LaCoss - May 17

Manfred Kremkus - May 18

Ellen Kremkus - May 19

John Johnson - May 19

Virgie White - May 21

Vickie Judkins-Mickolas - May 22

Lilly Eliaz - May 23

Teresa Rowan - May 24

Geni Silvey - May 24

Sue Diegelman - May 27

Katie Carpenter - May 28

Rita Buchanan - May 31


May Anniversaries

Ben & Stephanie Haverda - May 17

Chase & Teri Stapp - May 25

Richard & Sara Trammell - May 25

Kristin & Bleey Martinez - May 26

Jodi & Steve Fox - May 29

Gary & Jo Lynn Swenson - May 31


Watch for updates for

this upcoming FCC


Planning meetings after church on

May 5 & June 9




DWM Capital Cluster Gathering


"Come and Fill Your Cup First"

May 18th - 10- 11:30

Central Christian Church

1110 Guadalupe St. Austin

Women are invited to a gathering at Austin's Central Christian Church. We will begin with a "finger food" pot luck brunch. Heidi Bounds, Associate Pastor at Central Christian will be the speaker.

For more information contact Cluster Coordinator

Tasha York @512-567-8770


Bluebonnet Area Assembly

If you have not already pre-registered for Saturday’s assembly, please do so now. Your pre-registration helps us better prepare meals, supplies and setting up the church.

You may pre-register online

You may choose to pay via credit card, by check or on-site.

Please share this message with your friends and family.


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