May 29
May 31, 2020, 11:03 AM
May 29, 2020
First Christian Church of San Marcos
exists to lead people into a growing relationship
´╗┐with Jesus Christ!
There is no love without the Holy Spirit
"How, then, did the apostles love, but through the Holy Spirit?
And yet they are commanded to love him and keep his commandments before they have received him and, in fact, in order to receive him. And yet, without having that Spirit, they certainly could not love him and keep his commandments.
We are therefore to understand that the one who loves already has the Holy Spirit, and by what he has becomes worthy of a fuller possession, that by having more he may love more.
The disciples, therefore, already had that Holy Spirit whom the Lord promised, for without him they could not call him Lord. But they had him not as yet in the way promised by the Lord... He was yet to be given them in fuller measure at Pentecost."  
St. Augustine 354-430 A.D.
Join us Sunday as we Celebrate the
Birthday of the Church!
at 10:30 am
Music will begin @10:15.
See you Sunday!
The Church is open.
Only the building is closed.
We all miss being together with people we know and love. We miss the human touch, the handshake, the hug. So it is natural for everyone to wonder when it is safe to return to gatherings of people that does not put anyone at risk of getting sick.
This is still not that time.
For businesses and certain jobs, the pandemic has added an economic crisis. That’s because without income it’s hard to pay bills, buy food, put gas in the car, and so much more.
For churches the issue must not be about money. Churches exist to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Churches are not buildings, they are people. Church is primarily about relationships: Love God, Love Neighbor.
During a pandemic, loving our neighbor means keeping them safe.
Here’s what we still don’t know: 
1. We still don’t know very much about Covid-19. We are learning more all the time. It is mostly spread not by touching surfaces but by people breathing—breathing hard while exercising, touching one another with hands contaminated by coughing into them, singing with mouths uncovered.
2. We still don’t have a vaccine to prevent the disease.
3. We still don’t have a treatment to cure the disease.
4. We still don’t have a way to trace the people contacting sick people. People are working on this, but we aren’t there yet.
5. We still don’t have widespread or easy access to tests for the disease. Not in Hays County. If you doubt it, try getting tested.
I tried last week.
Here’s what we know:
1. In our nation we lead the world in sheer numbers of people sick with Covid-19.
2. While we only have 4% of the world population we have one-third of all the virus related deaths: now over 100,000.
3. The disease has not yet started to decline, that is true for Texas and Hays County. Some places are doing better than others, but we haven’t begun to contain the spread yet.
This month, when our church Board and Staff met—on a Zoom meeting, of course—we unanimously agreed that it is not yet the time for us to reopen the building to gatherings of people. We also talked about when we do so, we will need to be safe and follow procedures being recommended by experts with experience. So, we are gathering information about how to do it when the time comes.
In conclusion, let us remember that life goes on. We must not be impatient to get back to physical assemblies. Nor should we be anxious about the future when things return to “normal”.
Here’s another way: live fully in the present. Not in the past (when it was so much better!) or in the future (when it can be like it was!) but in the moment. Here’s a tip from Jesus, our Lord: “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” (Matthew 6:34 NRSV)
This week at First Christian
Zoom Playdate with Miss Gael - 3:00pm Saturday
Get ready for a Talent Show Playdate
May 30 @3:00
for info email
Sunday School Class - Linda Vetters @9:30 am on Zoom
Sunday Worship @ 10:30 am on Facebook
Youth Zoom - Wednesday @ 6:30
The youth are meeting via Zoom every Wed from 6:30p to 8p.
We catch up, play games and have a short lesson.
If your child (6th grade thru 12th grade) is interested in joining
please text Shawn Colson at 512-757-2521 and she will give
you the Zoom meeting info.
Pastor on the Porch - Friday @ 10:00 am
Informal meeting with Pastor Gregory Ross on zoom.
How Can We Pray for You?
If you wish Prayer for any reason send your request to
place "Prayer Request" in the subject line -
our staff & team
will pray for you.
Please pray for these.
Charles Damron, John Harper-Smith, Roberta Janes, Beth and Vicki Judkins- Mickolas, Kathy Kunchick, Lois LaCoss, Kristen Martinez' extended Family; Family from Mendez School; Christopher Morris, SMPD, David Voight; Dawn Jester; Susan Pruitt; Carolyn Scott; Leslie Detamore; Jackie Cable; Family of Emilee Biles; Judy Deforest; Bert Cobb; Family of Alice Ballard; AJ, Beth & Gillian Wolpman; Family of Chris Coley; Kathy Smith; Dorothy McLendon; Kevin Meinen; Jean English; Honey Cuellar; Dorothy Volk; Corrine McBride, Allison McBride; Mary Tijerina; Dawn Shank; David Warren; Thomas Ramon; Family of Larry Murphy; Coy Rowdon; Mildred Scott; Louise Mullins; Ellen & Manfred Kremkus; Richard McDaniel; Robert Volk; Danny Rhinehart; Melissa and Brett; Melissa Pollock; Carolyn Smith; Krista Miliam; Bernice Scott
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Hays County Food Bank Donations
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Our goal is 20,000
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