May 24, 2019
May 24, 2019, 10:45 AM



The Key to a Church Turnaround


John Maxwell says truthfully,

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

It is also truthful that everything rises and falls on prayer.

Prayer comes first for a church to revitalize and

experience a turnaround.


Prayer is vital to the revitalization of a church because:

1. It recognizes the Source. When a church revitalizes, it is depending upon the power of God. God is the only true Source

of a church turnaround.

2. It recognizes that revitalization is spiritual warfare.

When a church experiences turnaround, people are reached with the gospel. God’s adversary will do everything in his power to stop conversions and baptisms. We must respond with the full armor of God, especially prayer.

3. It turns people away from self-sufficiency. Attempts at revitalization that are human-powered will fail or be short-lived. Praying people are clearly recognizing they can’t help the church in their own power.

4. It turns people away from being self-serving. Praying people are obedient to God to reach their communities and serve others. They don’t demand their own preferences and desires. A spirit of entitlement on the part of individuals is a barrier to a church revitalization effort.

5. It unifies the church. One of the keys to revitalization is church unity. Nothing unifies a church more than powerful prayer. A spirit

of unity and harmony is essential.

6. It leads people to discern the will of God. Prayer is a conversation with God. The more we converse with God, the clearer we discern God’s will and find the mind of Christ on the issues we face. Knowing and obeying the mind of Christ leads to revitalization.

Every Christian can pray for a new vision for their church. Scholars and church leaders because of their experiences, postulate that some Christians have the spiritual gift of intercession, a special ability to pray for extended periods of time on a regular basis and see frequent and specific answers to their prayers to a degree much greater than that which is expected of the average Christian.


We have a Prayer Team that meets every Thursday morning to pray prayers of petition for individuals and families and the

needs of the church and wider community.


We will be forming a short-term Prayer Team to pray prayers

of intercession specifically for this pivotal season in the

life of our church. If you have a sense of call to this specific prayer ministry, please tell Gregory, Prince, or Gael.




•••• Help With Lazarus Bags ••••

Our Kids are creating “Lazarus” bags to distribute to the

homeless and others in need. You can help by bringing items

on the list and placing them in the wagon provided in the Narthex.

Kids will assemble the bags that will include a card from each child.

The bags will be given out to our members to have in their car

to hand out as they are needed.


Please bring Small Sizes of these items

Bottle of water


Food Items such as

Protein bar w/o nuts or peanut butter

Cheese crackers or plain

Individual bags of chips


Comb or brush

Soap or liquid body soap




Gallon Ziploc bags

Items MOST needed in RED


Breakfast & Conversation • Saturday, June 1

Breakfast @ 8:30

Conversation @ 9:00

Join us as we discuss "Where FCC is headed"

All are welcome, bring your thoughts and ideas!


Faith in Action – Summer Speaker Series

Sundays in June and July, beginning at 9:00 AM in the FCC Fellowship Hall.

Each Sunday a special speaker from the San Marcos community will be talking about his or her faith and how it has impacted their life and work. Listen to their stories. Reflect on your own story. See how God is working among us!

Sunday, June 2, our speaker is Amy Bawcom.

She is VP of Development at San Marcos Academy.

For recordings of last summer's speakers go to our website @:


Baptism on Pentecost

If you or a member of your family are considering being baptized, please contact Pastor Gregory Ross at 512-619-6349,

or call the church at 512-396-1926, to let us know.

We are planning a baptism service on the Day of Pentecost, June 9. Gregory would like to arrange a Pastor's class in preparation for baptism as soon as candidates are confirmed.


New Shoes for Cub Scout Pack 35


This week was the final meeting of our Cub Scout Pack 35 at Mendez Elementary School. We celebrated in traditional Scouting manner: pizza, ice cream and cupcakes! Last week Pack Leader Phil Elam distributed shoes to each scout, a donation from a family in Houston who are friends of the Elams.

Next major event for Pack 35 is

Summer Day Camp at the San Marcos Academy.

We need some assistance with donations to the FCC-SM Cub Scout fund to help pay for camp registrations and transportation, plus some volunteers to prepare snacks and a sack lunch for 11 boys each day during the five-day Sacred Springs Day Camp at San Marcos Academy. The camp is June 17-21.


Christian Church of the Southwest

Summer Camp Dates