May 21
May 21, 2021, 11:34 AM


May 21, 2021


Let’s Celebrate!


In-Person @ 10:30

May 23 is the Day of Pentecost.

It is the birthday of the church over 2,000 years ago.

It is also the day we plan to re-enter our church sanctuary,

to give thanks, to sing praise, to commune with one another.

We want to protect those most vulnerable

by wearing masks,

keeping safe distances and washing / sanitizing our hands.

We can remove our masks once seated

Join us this Sunday in-person


In-person & Online both @ 10:30

We hope you will join us.

Our Online Sunday Celebration

´╗┐is on our Website and on Facebook


This Sunday we celebrate new life! We are thankful for efforts to prevent and control the spread of the pandemic. We are thankful for the birthday of the church. We are thankful for spiritual rebirth in our individual lives.


This Sunday's Lesson:

The Spirit of Life


Please pray for these . . .

Kathy Kunschik; Erin West; Cookie Paradeaux (Praise); Jack;

Kelly Casparis and Family; Bill Crittenden; Rita Buchanan;

Family of Holly Hapensac; David Voight; Charles Scott;

Covid Vaccine (praise); Phillip Reyes; Mary Hinson and family;

Rex Dowden; The Major Family, Barbara, Bill & Little Bill;

Meghan Ramirez; Guye Rheinlander; Wendell Hethcott

Honey Cuellar; Vicki Roberts; Dawn Jester; Bert Cobb;

Ricky Phillips; Susan Pruett; Jackie Cable;

Judy Deforest; Kathy Smith; Dorothy McLendon;

Mary Tijerina; Dawn Shanks; David & Bonnie Warren;

Richard McDaniel; Ellen & Manfred Kremkus;

Rebecca Chapmon; Rose Seagrave (Praise); Family of Rusty;

Nancy Chapmon; (Praise) Jay Monson; Tiffany Harris;

Jack (grandson of Perry A); Wendell Hethcott



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