Mar 6
March 6, 2020, 9:11 PM
March 6, 2020
Saturday, March 7 @ 9am
All Church Breakfast
sponsored by Male Call
& Painting Party
The Male Call Men will be cooking!!!- come and enjoy
a great breakfast at 9:00 and stay an hour or so to help complete the painting in the Education Wing. All the supplies are on hand, we just need YOUR hand (everyone from 1 to 101) to help finish this project.
We need tape-ers, trim-ers, roll-ers, cleaner-upers - -
so there is something for everyone to do.
PLUS there are a few other small things that we need help with - so please come out for a GRAND Breakfast and
help with these projects.!
From Pastor Gregory
As of Thursday this week 15 states have reported confirmed cases of people with the highly contagious Coronavirus.
Texas is among them. We are getting notifications from denominations and local churches about plans to be preventive. While we should not panic about this situation, it is reasonable to take precautionary steps to avoid unnecessary
risks of spreading the virus.
For the time being, at our public gatherings let us agree to the following common sense actions:
  • Hugs and hand-shaking should be understood to be appropriately discouraged for the good and safety of all.
  • Communion preparers will need to use hand sanitizer before preparing the bread on Sunday morning.
  • Elders should use hand sanitizer before dispensing the bread, and should dip the bread and give it directly to celebrants.
  • Closing prayers should not include hand-holding.
  • Of course, anyone feeling sick should NOT attend church or other public gatherings.
These are easy measures that are protective of our most vulnerable population. I am sure we will have consensus on these simple precautions. Thank-you for your understanding and support.
THIS SUNDAY - is Daylight Savings
Be sure to change your clocks - Forward
Potluck Sunday - March 15
Bring your favorite GREEN dish to share!!
Mendez Celebration bags:
For the month of March we will continue to supply the bags that we currently have However in April, Mendez
has requested that we return to cake mix, frosting,
and candles for the celebration bags.
Items needed for bags:
cake mix 
These items will also go in the bag
but at this time we have a good supply of them
party blowers
 a pencil 
an eraser 
hard candy
We would appreciate your help with these items.
Please bring them soon as you can so the bags will be ready
to take to Mendez for April and May.
Check your in box for an email from Gael about children’s activities for Lent and summer.
Save the Date:
Baby Shower for Traci and Kyle Stapp on March 29
after Sunday Celebration. It’s a girl!
They have a baby registry at BuyBuy Baby and Target.
They have a lot of 0-3 month clothes so larger sizes would
be appreciated. Gift cards and diapers
of all sizes are also appreciated. 
March Birthdays
Jackson Karlik - 03/02
Roy Monk - 03/02
Loretta Mann - 03/04
Alyssa Updegrove - 03/07
Linda Vetters - 03/07
Bernice Scott - 03/09
Jewels Rodriguez - 03/16
Jo Lynn Swenson - 03/18
Jamie Ayer - 03/19
Paul Sutphen - 03/19
Ian McGuire03/20
Bonnie Wilson - 03/24
Joe Bostwick - 03/25
Joe Bullock - 03/26
Elizabeth Hohman - 03/26
Marla Johnson - 03/28
Bleey Martinez - 03/29
Rebecca Chapmon - 03/31
March Anniversaries
Charles & Bernice Scott - 03/06