June 7
June 7, 2019, 11:14 PM








Sunday, June 9


Christianity is rooted in four great events: Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, and Pentecost. The word "Pentecost"come from the Greek word for "fiftieth."

During this ‘quiet’ interval of 50 days after Easter Jesus' disciples became convinced that Jesus had risen from the dead.

On Pentecost Sunday they went public and history was changed.


The story is found in the fifth book of the New Testament, The Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 2. On the seventh Sunday after the day of resurrection 120 followers of Jesus in the city of Jerusalem were gathered to celebrate and experienced a physical manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit.


As the day progressed a crowd gathered and Peter, the leader of the Apostles, preached. Three thousand people were convinced that day, said, "We believe," and were baptized. We call it the birthday of the church.


Come this Sunday wearing red, if you wish, which symbolizes; joy, the fire of the Holy Spirit and, sadly, the blood of all martyrs who have died because of their faith. In many parts of our world today Christians are being tortured and killed simply because they believe and will not recant.


In the 2/3 world Christianity is still spreading like wild fire. In the 1/3 world, our world, Christianity is waning. The latest research indicates that 73% of Churches in the USA are declining. We could use another day of Pentecost.





A renowned entrepreneur and strategist, Matthew Dowd is widely viewed as one of the most independent and creative thought leaders in America today.


As a bestselling author interpreting change in America and the globe, Dowd is out with a groundbreaking book on leadership in this disruptive and crucial moment titled A New Way: Embracing the Paradox as We Lead and Serve. Serving as chief political analyst for ABC News, Dowd regularly brings his insights on cultural, economic and spiritual trends to Good Morning America, Nightline, and This Week with George Stephanopoulos providing a common sense perspective.


Dowd has worked both sides of the aisle serving Presidents, Governors, and Senators, but now considers himself a vehement independent. This included serving as strategist for President George W. Bush, Lt. Governor Bob Bullock, and US Senator Lloyd Bentsen. For his innovative political work,

he was awarded Strategist of the Year by the bipartisan American Association of Political Consultants. His plea for our politics today is for leaders to put Country over Party, for which he started an online community to encourage this approach.


Dowd’s most recent startup is a venture firm, Paradox Capital, investing in early stage locally driven for profit, for good businesses. His desire is to bridge capitalism and social consciousness to help bring solutions to our communities. Over the years Dowd has given advice to Bono and the One campaign, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the NBA. He is currently a senior fellow at the University of Southern California Annenberg Center on Communication and has taught seminars at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, University of Chicago, and The University of Texas at Austin.


Dowd serves on the board of Texas Habitat for Humanity and Texas Interfaith, lives in Wimberley, Texas and is the proud father of three sons

and a beautiful daughter.



June 16 - Taylor Goodman

2019 Graduate - Texas State University


June 23- Rebecca Chapmon

Musician, Educator


June 30 - Dr. Rich Earl

Professor of Geology, Texas State University


July 7 - Shawn Colson

Director of Youth Ministries, FCC


July 14 - Dr. Prince Altom

Associate Pastor, FCC


July 21 - Belinda Gardner

Volunteer Coordinator, CTMC


July 28 - Christopher Sanchez

Housing Coordinator, San Marcos Housing Task Force



•••• Lazarus Bags Are Ready ••••


Look for them in the Narthex - pick one

up for your car.


In order to complete the remaining Lazarus Bags

the following items are still needed.


Please bring Small Sizes of these items


Food Items such as

Protein bar w/o nuts or peanut butter

Cheese crackers or plain


Thank You!!




LAST VBS Planning Meeting

After church on June 9




Can YOU Help?

Painting the Hallway in the Education Wing

Beginning Tuesday, June 18 at 9:00 am.

We are beginning a major clean up and spruce up of the Education wing - starting with painting the hallway.

We hope to have everything completed by VBS, July 14.

If you can help for an hour or two please email Leta at fcc@fcc-sm.org or let her know on Sunday.





are wonderful opportunities

to prioritize our youth.


Let's Show Them Our support:



Mission trip needs: Snacks for the trip (no chocolate as it melts).

Please mark for the mission trip - deliver to the church kitchen by June 19.


Mission trip participants: CARDS for CAMPERS NEEDED. Write a card

of encouragement or "Hope you are having fun" for one of these campers.

Deliver to the church by June 19. Contact Gael Thompson for a

student’s name.


Camp participants: Adopt a Camper! Using a Medium flat rate mail box, fill with snacks, items for the pool, card games, word puzzle books, etc. to use at free time. Also include a card expressing what you hope for them for the week and blessing for how it can shape their lives. We have 9 students attending 4 different camps. If you will “adopt” one of these students, contact Gael for a specific student.


Finally, and most importantly . . . Please pray for their relationship with Jesus to grow, safety, vital friendships, ways to put what they learn into action at home, for us and their families to nurture that growth, and whatever God lays on your heart as in silent listening you hold this student in your heart. These students leave on Sunday for CYF Camp. Sierra, Brenna and Claire.


CYF Camp - June 9-15.

Eighters Camp - June 16-22.

JYF Camp - June 25-29.

The Disciples mission trip to Springfield, MO - June 23-29.

Chi Rho Camp - July 7-13.


Contact Gael Thompson in person at church,

cell: 832-858-0932, email: gaelthompsonlpc@gmail.com




Our Cub Scouts are going to Summer Camp!

They will need food each day. Can you provide drinks, a sack lunch (for example, sandwich, bag of chips, cookie), and snacks, for 11 boys like small bags of chips, bottles of water, gatorade,

sweet treats like cookies or candy.

Please, things that won't melt at room temperature.

Camp starts June 17, please bring items to the church and ma rk them Mendez Cub Scouts Camp!!