June 21
June 21, 2019, 12:00 AM
June 23, Third Sunday in the Season of Pentecost
Quote FROM CS Lewis
"Supposing there was no intelligence behind the universe, no creative mind. In that case, nobody designed my brain for the purpose of thinking.
It is merely that when the atoms inside my skull happen, for physical or chemical reasons, to arrange themselves in a certain way this gives me, as a by-product, the sensation I call thought But, if so, how can I trust my own thinking to be true?It’s like upsetting a milk carton and hoping that the way it splashes will give you a map of London. But if I can’t trust my own thinking, of course I can’t trust the arguments leading to Atheism, and therefore have no reason to be an Atheist, or
anything else. Unless I believe in God,
I cannot believe in thought: so I can never use
´╗┐thought to disbelieve in God." 
June 30 - Dr. Rich Earl  
Professor of Geology, Texas State University
July 7 - Shawn Colson
Director of Youth Ministries, FCC
July 14 - Dr. Prince Altom
Associate Pastor, FCC
July 21 - Belinda Gardner
Volunteer Coordinator, CTMC
July 28 - Christopher Sanchez
Housing Coordinator, San Marcos Housing Task Force
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Wedding Reception
Wedding Reception for Bonnie (Whittington) and Steve Hill, Sunday June 30, after church in fellowship hall. They were married on June 9.
We will have cake and snacks. Cards are welcome; please no gifts.