Jun 26
June 27, 2020, 11:38 AM
June 26, 2020
First Christian Church of San Marcos
exists to lead people into a growing relationship
with Jesus Christ!
Join us Sunday this Sunday
at 10:30 am
Music will begin @10:15.
See you Sunday!
Living the Sermon on the Mount
- from Prince
Will Welch wrote in an editorial this month in GQ Magazine, “If we don’t learn new things about ourselves and each other – and replace some our old, outdated thinking and habits with new ways of being and doing that point toward a better future then this time will be wasted…Surely surfing waves of anxiety and guilt is not the best
way to survive a pandemic.”
Can we see isolation as a gift? If we are able, can we say,
I am healthy, I am safe,”and couple that with the transforming power of gratitude. In that same editorial Will wrote, “It turns out
that one of the most mind-expanding trips you can ever go on is to simply quiet your thoughts and see what it’s like just to be.”
It’s a great time to soak in Matthew 5, 6, & 7, what we call Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. I think he would have titled it, “How to know if you are my follower or just call yourself a christian.”
If you want to more fully grasp the difference between being a Christian and being a follower of Christ, you might read Dallas Willard’s book based on the Sermon on the Mount, The Divine Conspiracy. I noticed a used copy on amazon.com for $3.29.
From the Jacket: The Divine Conspiracy has revolutionized how we think about the true meaning of being a follower of Jesus. In this classic, one of the most brilliant Christian thinkers of our times and author of the acclaimed The Spirit of Disciplines,Dallas Willard, skillfully weaves together biblical teaching, popular culture, science, scholarship, and spiritual practice, revealing what it means to “apprentice” ourselves to Jesus. Using Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount as his foundation, Willard masterfully explores life-changing ways to experience and be guided by God on a daily basis, resulting in a more authentic and dynamic faith. 
 The message from Board and Staff is the we are not opening in the summer for reasons of safety, and we will re-evaluate
our options in September.
CCSW adventures
CCSW adventures is where children, youth and families can find connections through music, keynotes & activities! There are interactive zoom calls along with recorded messages.
Next weeks scripture is Luke 15: 11-32 & the theme for the Week is
I Chose You
Hays County
Food Bank
So far this year our church
has given over14,000 pounds.
Our goal is 20,000
Healthy volunteers
While we remain closed to the public, we are still busy working to ensure our community has access to nutritious food. In an average week, we receive more than 17,000 pounds of food from local restaurants, grocery stores, and from individual donations. This food must be picked up, weighed, inspected, sorted, packed up, and delivered to distributions. Our small staff needs the help of healthy volunteers in order to get this done each week. See below for our current volunteer schedule.
Visit our Volunteer page on our website.
You will be asked a few screening questions before you can register as a new volunteer or sign up for shifts.
We hope to see you soon!
Other Urgent Needs
Hand soap
Personal Protection Gloves
Canned meat (tuna, salmon, chicken)
Canned fruits
Canned tomato products
Caned veggies (please no green beans or corn)
Canned beans
Food donations may be dropped off on our front porch (at the Food Bank) or placed in the green bench outside.
It will be checked regularly.
If you need a receipt, please email Celste Ceniseros.
Thank you for your cooperation.
You can send Food Bank donations to
FCC marked "Food Bank"
or mail checks directly to the Food Bank
220 Herndon St,
San Marcos, TX 78666
OR go to their website at www.haysfoodbank.org
This week at First Christian
Sunday School Class - Linda Vetters @9:30 am on Zoom
Sunday Worship @ 10:30 am on Facebook
Pastor on the Porch - Friday @ 10:00 am
Informal meeting with Pastor Gregory Ross on zoom.
How Can We Pray for You?
If you wish Prayer for any reason send your request to fcc@fcc-sm.org
place "Prayer Request" in the subject line -
our staff & team will pray for you.
Please pray for these.
Justin Abbie; Beth and Vicki Judkins- Mickolas, Kathy Kunchick; Lois LaCoss; SMPD; David Voight; Dawn Jester; Susan Pruett; Carolyn Scott; Jackie Cable; Judy Deforest; Bert Cobb; Kathy Smith; Dorothy McLendon; Jean English; Honey Cuellar; Corrine McBride; Mary Tijerina; Dawn Shanks; David Warren; Coy Rowdon; Mildred Scott; Ellen & Manfred Kremkus; Richard McDaniel; Robert Volk; Melissa and Brett; Meleesa Pollock; Krista Miliam;
Martinez extended family; Patrick McGuire; family of Diana Wood;
Family of Mary Ann Smith
Ways to Give
 1. Mail a check or money order:
First Christian Church
3105 Ranch  Road 12
San Marcos, TX 78666
2. Make a donation online:
3. Use the drop box:
in the office door mail slot.
4. Set up automatic payments
from your bank account:
Thank you so much - everything we do at
FCC is made possible by your giving!