July 26
July 26, 2019, 11:39 AM
WEEK of July 26
Christopher W. Sanchez was recently hired as the new Executive Director for Neighborhood Housing Services of San Antonio (NHSSA). NHS of San Antonio’s mission is to: “Build Successful Families and Communities through Housing Opportunities”. 
Mr. Sanchez has been working in the community development
and affordable housing sector for over 20 years. 
Mr. Sanchez is a man of strong faith and he has learned the importance of maintaining Christ-centered values along the way. 
He is a graduate of the University of New Mexico. He is the proud grandson of former farmers from Hatch, NM and former small business owners from Las Cruces, NM. He attributes his success
to the diverse upbringing and strong values - which were instilled
in him at an early age by his mother. 
Mr. Sanchez and his beautiful wife, Yvonne, are the proud parents
of 4 children and they have resided in San Antonio, Texas for the
past 11 years. They are a blended family and the heart of the family
is their 9-year-old son who had some health challenges in the beginning, but is now thriving. 
to Saturday, August 10!
As our Faith in Action speaker series comes to a close this Sunday, we are inviting you to put your faith into action through prayer and reflection in August.
There will be no planned classes or activities
at 9 a.m. for the Sundays in August. 
God gave the Israelites times to have the ground lay fallow in order to renew and regenerate. So take this time to renew, reflect, pray: for the vision and life of our church, as parents and families to consider how you will make choices for your time and weekly schedule as school begins. Hours can be invested or simply spent. Without prayer and reflection to listen for God’s guidance they are easily wasted on busyness. What does God have to say to you? Let’s listen. 
We will continue to Eat and Greet at 10 and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at 10:30. Watch for announcements about what might happen on September 8, the Sunday after Labor Day. 
United Campus Ministries
Keep collecting/saving your unwanted items to support and benefit UCM. Your items will be greatly appreciated and will need to be delivered to the United Campus Ministries Building between Monday, July 29
and Friday, August 2.