Jan 17
January 17, 2020, 2:06 PM
January 17, 2020
Shane Claiborne in Loving the Church Back to Life, writes: "Just as we critique the worst of the church,
we should also celebrate her at her best. We need to mine the fields of church history and find the treasures, the gems. We need to celebrate the best that each tradition can bring - I want the fire of the Pentecostals, the love of Scripture of the Lutherans, the political imaginations of the Anabaptists, the roots of the Orthodox, the mystery of the Catholics, and the zeal of the Evangelicals." 
During our Sunday Celebration this week we will acknowledge and pray for our 2020 Elders & Deacons, including elders, deacons, junior deacons, and trustees.
Please try to be present if you can.
Souper Sunday - THIS Sunday!!
3rd Sunday Potluck
Please bring SOUP, sides for SOUP, bread for SOUP
or dessert! See you on the 19th for SOUP!
What: an in-town ecumenical weekend retreat designed to
help middle school and high school students connect with
God and grow in their relationship with Him
Theme: Frequency and the challenge is to get the students to be in the word/spend time with God every single day
Where: We will be staying at FCC lock-in style again this year and traveling back & forth to FBC for the event.
Cost: $50. There are scholarships available so please let us know if you need one 
Registration: please register here & then let me know
once you have registered