First News, August 2
August 2, 2019, 9:39 AM


WEEK of August 2


Reminder: there will be NO SUNDAY SCHOOL classes

through the month of August.



Saturday, August 10!

Breakfast & Work Day!


United Campus Ministries


Support UCM! invite your friends to stop by the Garage Sale tomorrow - find a treasure!


August Birthdays


Ronel Adkins • August 1

Wood Updegrove • August 1

Louis Olenick • August 4

Patrick McGuire • August 9

Gael Thompson • August 10

Nicholas Baker • August 12

Lilly Martinez • August 12

Mary Skidmore • August 12

Rita McGuire • August 13

Perry Arledge • August 15

Sean-Michael McGuire • August 16

Kristen Martinez • August 17

Lenore Bolton • August 19

Mikka Bach • August 20

Sebastian Bach • August 21

Britney Richey • August 22

Gareth Fowler • August 23

Beth Knox • August 24

Bleey Martinez • August 26

Carl Adkins • August 30

Mattie Howard • August 30

Christina Tureaud • August 30


August Anniversaries

Wayman & Louise Mullins • August 2

Kelly & Cindy Casparis • August 3

John & Marla Johnson • August 4

Dorothy & Robert Volk • August 4

Virgie & Philip White • August 9

Manfred & Ellen Kremkus • August 10

Karin & John McArdle • August 17

Joe & Rae Bostwick • August 18

Greg & Lois LaCoss • August 22

Don & Margie Harmon • August 31


My Parent Commitment


Above all else, I want you to know that you are loved and lovable. You will learn this from my words and actions—the lessons on love are in how I treat you and how I treat myself.


I want you to engage with the world from a place of worthiness. You will learn that you are worthy of love, belonging, and joy every time you see me practice self-compassion and embrace my own imperfections.


We will practice courage in our family by showing up, letting ourselves be seen, and honoring vulnerability. We will share our stories of struggle and strength. There will always be room in our home for both.


We will teach you compassion by practicing compassion with ourselves first; then with each other. We will set and respect boundaries; we will honor hard work, hope, and perseverance. Rest and play will be family values, as well as family practices.


You will learn accountability and respect by watching me make mistakes and make amends, and by watching how I ask for what I need and talk about how I feel.


I want you to know joy, so together we will practice gratitude. I want you to feel joy, so together we will learn how to be vulnerable.


When uncertainty and scarcity visit, you will be able to draw from the spirit that is a part of our everyday life.


Together we will cry and face fear and grief. I will want to take away your pain, but instead I will sit with you and teach you how to feel it.


We will laugh and sing and dance and create. We will always have permission to be ourselves with each other. No matter what, you will always belong here.

As you begin your Wholehearted journey, the greatest gift that I can give to you is to live and love with my whole heart and to dare greatly.


I will not teach or love or show you anything perfectly, but I will let you see me, and I will always hold sacred the gift of seeing you. Truly, deeply, seeing you.


Brené Brown, Daring Greatly