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February 26






Cruciform Vocation

Will Willimon

Some years ago, professor Wendy Kaminer of Yale wrote a scathing, satirical look at the burgeoning self-help movement in America. Her book was called, I’m Dysfunctional, You’re Dysfunctional. She accused the self-help movement of pandering to our worst tendencies as a people, our tendencies toward self-pity, victimhood, narcissism, and our infatuation with no-risk, non-judgmental techniques for self-improvement.

At the end of her book, after surveying the literature of the

self-help movement, Kaminer says, “What’s missing in much popular religious literature today is a model for ethical action in the world. Focusing on the individual relationship with God,...most popular religious writers offer no thoughtful discussion about moral behavior, giving us no basis for community....”

Our culture gives us so much encouragement to look at ourselves, lamenting our aches and pains, we never get around to looking at God. We do church as with every other human experience, asking, What do I want? What will I get out of this? What good will this do me?

During the forty days of Lent the church uses a variety of stratagems to wrench our gaze off ourselves and push us to look at a man on a cross. The Christian life is a lifetime of learning to discipline ourselves not to put our aches and pains, our needs front and center, not to ask, “What good can God

do for me at the moment?” but rather to discipline ourselves more frequently to ask questions like,

· What does God want from me?

· How can I play a role in God’s work rather

than how can I get God to work for me?


-submitted by Prince Altom, Board Member for Church Revitalization.


From Prince: Will the three older generations at First Christian Church, San Marcos, give the church to the three younger generations and continue to participate joyfully? That’s a choice and one of the big question we face for the

sake of revitalization. New wine requires new wineskins.

In our prayers this week we might say, “Heavenly Father,

I lay my personal preferences at the foot of the cross for the sake of making new disciples." What if that represents ethical action and moral behavior?


PS. Will Willimon, retired Methodist Bishop, has been a mentor and hero to me for the past forty years. I look forward to his weekly blog.




Parking Lot

Communion Service

Every Sunday @ 10:30


We hope you will join us. When you arrive, drive under the portico, where our communion servers

will provide you with sanitized communion

elements and a song sheet.

If rain is likely please

check your email on Saturday after 3:00 pm

to make sure that the service will take place.


Also Our Online Sunday Celebration

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See you Sunday!




Please pray for these . . .


For all of those who lost family this past week during the storms and from Covid. For those who are still dealing with storm related issues across our state.

For the vaccine to be made available for

all in Hays County and around the world.

For nurses & doctors - continued protection

and for the energy and health they need to continue.


For FCC, the Board and Staff for tough

decisions that are being considered and must be made.

For all of those in our community

who are in great need and are being impacted in

ways we can't comprehend by this pandemic.

Also for these with special health needs

and those experiencing grief.


Honey Cuellar; Randall Klimeck; David Voight; Charles Scott;

Covid Vaccine (praise); Phillip Reyes; Mary Hinson and family;

Erica in Mexico; Rex Dowden; Meghan Rameriz; David Rose;

Wray Buerschinger; Bertha Delgado; Guye Rheinlander;

Rebecca Chapmon; Eric Elder; Carolyn Smith;Vicki Roberts;

Dawn Jester; Bert Cobb; Susan Pruett; Jackie Cable; Judy Deforest;

Kathy Smith; Tracy Wilson; Dorothy McLendon; Mary Tijerina;

Dawn Shank; David Warren; Richard McDaniel;

Ellen & Manfred Kremkus; Lois LaCoss; David Druham;

Melissa & Brett; Rose Seagrave; (Praise) Jay Monson;






Disciples of Christ Easter Offering

The Easter Offering, received by most congregations on

March 28 and April 4, 2021,

supports several of the general ministries of the Christian Church. Your gift supports college students in leadership development programs, global mission partners, health and social service ministries, the formation of new congregations, support for pastors and chaplains, and so much more.

If you wish to give to this worthy cause mark your check

DOC Easter Offering. Thank you!




Way to go FCC!!

For your recent donations to the

Food Bank and

to Southside Community

And here's how you can still help!

Make a check to FCC for either the Food Bank or

Southside Community Center (designate in memo line) and mail it or drop it off at FCC. Mail drop in office door.



These items are needed:

• Canned meats, fruits, vegetables

  • Canned tomato products (
  • Soups • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Rice and beans • Pasta and pasta sauces
  • Macaroni and cheese • Shelf-stable milk
  • Cereal • Granola bars • Applesauce

• Trail Mix • Pancake Mix • Oatmeal

  • Fruit cups • Raisins • Bottled water


Food donations may be dropped off in the bins at FCC or on the front porch at the Food Bank on the green bench.

The Staff at the Food Bank will check the green bench regularly for any donations.

Thank you for your help.

Check the Food Bank website https://haysfoodbank.org

for other ways to help or donate.

If you need a receipt for food donations,

please email Jessica Cruz @ https://haysfoodbank.org/






March Birthdays

Jackson Karlik - 03/02

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March Anniversaries

Charles & Bernice Scott - 03/06