Feb 19
February 19, 2021, 5:22 PM



February 19






40 days of prayer


Praying with our palms up symbolizes that you are bringing your requests and cares to God. Turning your palms down symbolizes that you are letting go and releasing your cares into God’s hands. Turning your palms up again symbolizes that you are receiving God’s grace, and that your hands are now available to him to be used for his purposes.


With your palms turned up, pray:

Father, I come to you today in Jesus’ name. Thank you for

your kindness that has brought me to another day. (If you

have managed fairly well during this week of bitter cold,

give thanks. Pray for those for whom this week has been a great hardship.) Thank you for your love and faithfulness. Thank you for accepting me as I am and your continual process of turning me into the likeness of Christ. I present myself before you – body, soul, and spirit. I bring you my strengths and my weaknesses, my hopes and my fears, my successes and my failures, my dreams and my nightmares… (Now take a moment to tell God what’s on your mind.)


With your palms turned down, pray:

Now, Father, by faith I release all of these things into your

lap of grace and I surrender to your loving rule over my life.

I cast all my cares upon you, and I pray, “Let your will be

done in my life…”


With your palms turned up, pray:

Father, I now receive from you all that your grace will afford me (for this day ahead or the coming day): strength for any weakness, peace for my fears, forgiveness for my sins, and the grace to forgive those who sin against me. I look to you to meet all my needs. Guide my steps, direct my thoughts, and protect me from evil. I invite you to fill me with your Holy Spirit. Let me be an extension of your grace and mercy to the world around me. Use my life, I pray, to bring glory to your name. In Jesus’ name, Amen.




I am always amazed at the power of the universe to move without human control or consent. We can do many things, but we don't control the weather. This is a week that begins our season of prayer, and we have plenty to remind us that we need it. Many of us have joined our hearts together to ask our Lord for mercy and peace this week. And that we may all be safe. And that we may not be impatient with the loss of weekly routines and creature comforts. And that we think not only of our own interests but also the needs of others. May you find comfort in the knowledge that God is with you and will keep you close to his loving Spirit. May you bless those around you. May you see the majesty of God in your life.

In Jesus name, Amen!





BBA/CPA Joint Men's Retreat!


A 3-hour Zoom event

on February 20, 2021.

Register today for this ONLINE Event



Date: February 20, 2021

Time: 9am -12pm Central Time

Cost: FREE

Location: Online




Parking Lot

Communion Service

Every Sunday @ 10:30


We hope you will join us. When you arrive, drive under the portico, where our communion servers

will provide you with sanitized communion

elements and a song sheet.

If rain is likely please

check your email on Saturday after 3:00 pm

to make sure that the service will take place.


Also Our Online Sunday Celebration

´╗┐is on our Website and on Facebook at 10:30

See you Sunday!






Next Youth Meeting! March 3.




Please pray for these . . .


For all of those who are still without power and water in Texas and for those who have been forced

from their homes by these storms. For all who are in shelters and for those who are keeping

the shelters open and available.

For the vaccine to be made available for

all in Hays County and in the slum neighborhoods

of Nairobi, Kenya and around the world.

For nurses & doctors - continued protection

and for the energy and health they need to continue.


For FCC, the Board and Staff for tough

decisions that are being considered and must be made.

For all of those in our community

who are in great need and are being impacted in

ways we can't comprehend by this pandemic.

Also for these with special health needs

and those experiencing grief.


Randall Klimeck; David Voight; Charles Scott;

Covid Vaccine (praise); Phillip Reyes;

Poth's Neighbor; Erica in Mexico; Jim and Velta Clifton;

Rex Dowden; Meghan Rameriz; David Rose; Wray Buerschinger; Bertha Delgado; Guye Rheinlander; Rebecca Chapmon;

Eric Elder; Carolyn Smith;Vicki Roberts; Dawn Jester;

Bert Cobb; Susan Pruett; Jackie Cable; Judy Deforest;

Kathy Smith; Tracy Wilson; Dorothy McLendon; Mary Tijerina;

Dawn Shank; David Warren; Richard McDaniel;

Ellen & Manfred Kremkus; Lois LaCoss; David Druham;

Melissa & Brett; Rose Seagrave; (Praise) Jay Monson;