Aug 7
August 15, 2020, 8:45 PM
August 7, 2020
First Christian Church of San Marcos
exists to lead people into a growing relationship
with Jesus Christ!
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Sermon title "What Jesus said about . . . Marriage"
at 10:30 am
Music will begin @10:15.
See you Sunday!
A Prayer for Teachers
Dear Lord: please surround these teachers as they face uncertain days with or without students in classrooms. As they worry for the most vulnerable of their students, may you hear their concerns rising to you for children who face days without adequate food, who are caught in cycles of abuse that will be heightened at this stressful moment, and who lack safe places in which to live. May you assure these teachers that the love they have shared with these children and youth are being felt in the hearts of those students in this time of social distance. Lord, please assure these educators that while their plans are in flux, that your plan for them continues to unfold. In the name of Jesus, Amen.
Prayers for Mendez School
Every teacher and every student/family of Mendez will need our daily prayers - for safety and health of each of them, for wifi and technical needs to be met for those who cannot afford the equipment necessary, for daily meals to be provided, again, for those who cannot afford them and for relief from the anxieties that all of these things cause.
Help for Mendez
Our Community Focus last Sunday was on
Mendez Elementary and in that interview we heard from Barbara Saucedo of some of the needs they will have as they begin school this fall. Pencils and Composition Books were two items she mentioned. If you would like to help provide those items, send a check to FCC and mark Mendez in the memo line. Pencils and Composition Books will be ordered in Bulk and shipped to Mendez. Another way to make sure these students know we care about them and their families is to continue the wonderful ministry of the Celebration Bags. Right now we have enough items to create 50 bags and for now, while we are unable to meet, I will complete the bags and see that they are delivered to Mendez. If you wish to help with this continued ministry - again, send a check and mark
Mendez bags - these donations will ensure that
the "bag" ministry will continue.
Thank you and Blessings, Leta
So many of us are eager to reopen our building and greet each other face to face. At each Board and Staff meeting we discuss when and how to meet in person. We are continuing to monitor the conditions to ensure that we do what is safe and responsible. Some pastors in the news are impatiently encouraging all churches to assemble as a requirement of faith. That is a manipulation to justify their own actions. The requirement of faith is to trust God and keep our people safe. Clearly you can be a faithful Christian and remain in isolation, whether you are an astronaut on the International Space Station, a prisoner in jail, or home-bound. God is Spirit and those who worship Him are only required to do so in spirit and in truth. Let us not grow weary or impatient. We are called to serve one another. Reach out by phone this week and bless one another! The day will come when we shall be together and rejoice! Pastor Gregory
This week at First Christian
Adult Bible Study - Linda Vetters @9:30 am on Zoom
Sunday Worship @ 10:30 am on Facebook or @
Pastor on the Porch - Friday @ 10:00 am
Informal meeting with Pastor Gregory Ross on zoom
How Can We Pray for You?
If you wish Prayer for any reason send your request to
place "Prayer Request" in the subject line -
our staff & team will pray for you.
Please pray for these.
Maren Kay Milam; Justin Abbie; Kathy Kunchick; SMPD; David Voight; Dawn Jester; Susan Pruett; Carolyn Scott; Jackie Cable; Judy Deforest; Bert Cobb; Kathy Smith; Dorothy McLendon; Jean English; Honey Cuellar; Mary Tijerina; Dawn Shank; David Warren; Coy Rowdon; Mildred Scott; Ellen & Manfred Kremkus;
Richard McDaniel; Robert Volk; Melissa and Brett; Martinez extended family; Patrick McGuire; Judy Ritchie;
Hays County
Food Bank
So far this year our church
has given over 16,000 pounds.
Our goal is 20,000!!
Continued Needs
Hand soap
Personal Protection Gloves
Canned meat (tuna, salmon, chicken)
Canned fruits
Canned tomato products
Caned veggies (please no green beans or corn)
Canned beans
Food donations may be dropped off on our front porch
(at the Food Bank) or placed in the green bench outside.
It will be checked regularly.
You can send Food Bank donations to
FCC marked "Food Bank"
or mail checks directly to the Food Bank
220 Herndon St,
San Marcos, TX 78666
OR go to their website at
Your giving allows us to sustain our worship & service.
We encourage all of you who call FCC home to continue to give faithfully and prayerfully. This is a time to lean
forward in mission and ministry and we
thank you for your continued generosity. 
Ways to Give
 1. Mail a check or money order:
First Christian Church
3105 Ranch  Road 12
San Marcos, TX 78666
2. Make a donation online:
3. Use the drop box:
in the office door mail slot.
4. Set up automatic payments
from your bank account: